Bill Audits

Saving Facility Managers Money, Time & Effort

As expert utility bill auditors, we have technical expertise and power to influence utility decision makers. EnergyRebate®’s dedicated focus on the billing segment of utility services uncover many years of misses energy savings. Our clients, in turn, benefit from the recovery of as much as ten years in retroactive refunds with the addition of up to a 40% reduction in future utility payments.

What does EnergyRebate® do?

We maximize your savings.

EnergyRebate® confidentially collects and analyzes energy use data specific to each facility. Not only do we have the technical expertise, but we have industry sway to influence the utility decision-makers. Our business is to save money on your energy costs!

EnergyRebate® will:

• Thoroughly review your utility bills.
• Find hidden savings opportunities that lower your annual bills.
• Use our regulatory knowledge and industry expertise to provide your best energy options.
• Recover over-billed payments and investigate more favorable billing strategies to save you money.

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