Natural Gas Supply

EnergyRebate® makes natural gas deregulation work for you, not against you.

Just as deregulation has caused confusion in electric supply procurement, it has also caused problems in the procurement of natural gas supply as well. This means that specialized information is required for making informed energy decisions for your company and facility.

We will collect and analyze your energy data specific to your facility. Along with you, we will determine your energy needs and translate them into a long-term energy strategy that will save you money.

Specifically concerning your natural gas consumption, EnergyRebate® will:

• Secure for you the best available fixed-rate natural gas supply.
• Take advantage of seasonal price fluctuations in natural gas prices to get you the best price for your facility.
• Team with all major suppliers and leverage volume.
• Use our regulatory knowledge and industry expertise to provide the best options for your natural gas supply.