About Energy Rebate

EnergyRebate® has been in the energy services business since 1992. Started as a utility bill auditing firm, EnergyRebate® has grown to add other services over the years including brokering electricity and natural gas, Demand-Side Management, and Load Response programs.

At EnergyRebate®, we’ve seen many energy brokers and suppliers come and go over the years, while our company has grown steadily and remained strong. EnergyRebate® works with all major suppliers. These great working relationships lead to some of the best prices in the industry. Additionally, solid relationships with local utilities, along with our extensive bill-auditing background, help us avoid or alleviate problems often associated with commodity procurement.

Our customers generally stay with us for many years and today include names such as The Boston Red Sox, City of Lawrence, Duro Textiles, Dunkin Brands, City of Methuen, and Simmons College. EnergyRebate® currently provides energy services and brokerage to a customer base that stretches from Maine to Virginia.

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