Utility Over-Billing

Over-billing is a common practice.

Who’s being overcharged?

You… the building owner and utility consumer!

Healthcare, industrial, multi-family housing, non-profit, and commercial enterprises … facilities of all types are being overcharged. Once you overpay, refunds are hard to get. And overcharges are prevalent. A U.S. House Ways and Means Committee study found the following:

In a single year, public utility companies have overbilled their customers by approximately $19 billion. Errors were discovered in more than 70% of the utility customers’ bills, and of these, nearly 90% were in favor of the utility companies.

Knowledge is power.

The gory over-billing details.

Excessive billing charges are due to a complex utility pricing structure. Demand, load, seasonal factors, and surcharges all create a confusing billing maze. Frequent changes in utility tariffs and government regulations only add to your bill’s complexity. And deregulation furthers the confusion. Even the utility companies don’t have all the answers!

The burden of understanding the charges and recognizing the errors falls upon the building owners and managers. Billions of dollars in savings are missed due to…

• Inconsistencies in utility billing practices
• Gaps in delivering entitlements
• Overlooking the best billing options
• Inexperienced and limited resources — at the utility company and in your office!

The result: you’re paying too much!

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