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Learn About EnergyRebate

EnergyRebate® is a leading independent energy broker and consultant, serving commercial and industrial facilities of all sizes since 1992. We are based in Massachusetts and serve states from Virginia to Maine.

EnergyRebate has been saving organizations money and energy longer than any other energy brokers or consultants in the region.

How We Save Your Company Money

EnergyRebate® negotiates on your organization’s behalf with all major energy suppliers to secure the best rates for your facility’s Electricity and/or Natural Gas.

Energy Services

EnergyRebate® will audit your facility’s utility bills. Over 70% of companies are being overbilled by utility companies. We get you rebates for overcharges on past utility bills and reductions in utility rates going forward. We have served thousands of organizations in this way since 1992. ..Learn More

Getting Started

To get started with energy commodity products or one of our energy auditing and consulting services, we just need get your authorization and a copy of a recent utility bill for your facility. You can fill out a request for further information and for us to contact you by clicking here, or you can visit our Contact Page.

Energy Brokers

As licensed energy brokers, we get you the most favorable deal with the electric or natural gas supplier best suited to your specific needs.


Saving on Energy Is Hard Work