Energy Management SOLUTIONS for Today’s Business

In today’s ever changing energy market you need a full solution business on your side. EnergyRebate®’s commodities and services make your job easier while reducing your costs.

EnergyRebate®’s business is energy savings, and to that end EnergyRebate®:

• Sources electricity, natural gas, and other fuels for our business customers.
• Teams with major suppliers and leverages energy volumes to find       the best energy costs.
• Studies and takes advantage of seasonal and market fluctuations on  commodity energy products to get the best price for your facility.

As part of our full solution approach , EnergyRebate® also offers:

• Regulatory expertise and industry clout.
• Complete utility bill auditing in which we collect and analyze energy     data specific to your business to create a total energy strategy.
• Lower energy consumption with our innovative Demand-Side Management, Load Response, efficiency and consulting services.
• Retroactive rebates(refunds) on over-billed energy payments thereby reducing utility costs.
• Technology-driven solutions, total customer satisfaction.

For our clients, we monitor expirations of existing contracts and proactively notify them so as to avoid disruptions and to alert them to opportune times to take advantage of market trends.

EnergyRebate delivers the most comprehensive energy solutions

Serving business energy markets since 1992, EnergyRebate® became a leading, local authority on the regulatory industry by taking an activist approach in promoting fair rate structures for businesses. EnergyRebate® has delivered tens of millions of dollars for our customers in rebates and savings from energy over-billing. EnergyRebate® has the proven resources and capabilities needed to give you … power over your energy costs!